The thermal waters of San Giuliano gush out at the base of Mount namesake, their properties and their beauty have been known and famous since the Middle Ages. If you are staying at the Eden Park Resort, reaching the Baths is very simple and it certainly is a stop not to be missed. When you arrive you will enjoy the benefits of the particular natural chemical composition of its water, intended for your wellness and your relaxation. In addition you can also benefit from different treatments, because its waters from the San Giuliano Terme are mainly producing for mud baths, real cure for rheumatic and pain relief for the respiratory system.


Discover all the spa treatments and cures for you to enjoy in this wonderful and picturesque location that boasts in his memory a host of illustrious guests between '700 and' 800.

After being refreshed with wellness programs of San Giuliano Terme, you take a stroll across the internal path in the beautiful park of olive trees, at the end of which you can enjoy a very picturesque view of the landscape of Pisa