Quality and energy efficiency are united for the respect of Nature

If you choose the Eden Park, is to be Eco Green. The Resort has adopted from the project phase the concepts of eco-sustainability and energy saving. The objective has been fully respected choosing 38 cm. thermo brick POROTON® to build the walls. The windows are composed by 2,4 cm of triple glazing seal. The comfortable feeling of well-being is given from the roofs and floors insulated to prevent heat dispersion.
The heating is eco-friendly. The pool water, the showers in the chancing rooms are heated by biomass boilers, fueled by waste pine cones produced in San Rossore, Migliarino and Massaciuccoli Park. For the production of hot water have been installed solar panels.


To swim in the pool has never been so comfortable and safe. The pool water is filtered with diatoms, a Culligan’s technology, with a reduction of disinfectants and chemical agents for a great health comfort. In winter time the pool is covered with a special structure composed by a two membrane cavity of 40cm, which are never in contact. It creates a complete separation between internal and external environment to ensure a stable temperature.

You’ll stay in apartment with low environmental impact, lit by low energy saving lights or led technology. The air mixing flow taps ensure less waste of water.
The apartments of 'Eden Park are equipped for the separate waste collection, in agreement with the City of San Giuliano Terme, City at the top in Tuscany for separate waste collection.