An holiday for you and your pet

The Eden Park is ideal place for your pet! The residence welcomes with love and kindness your pets. Ask us about the regulation and you can spend a pleasant holiday with your “friend” while complying with all the residence’s guests. You have to follow few information to protect the sanitation, as per policy. Your pet will have free spaces all around the property to feel right at home in the pet friendly atmosphere that the resort will be able to create for you. The Eden Park is pleased to welcome you and your pet with love and kindness.


Pets are welcome in our Residence,

but to avoid disturbing other guests we would like you to follow these rules:


v     Pets are allowed in a limited number of maximum 02 per apartment.

v     Animals deemed to be hazardous or reported by the competent authorities may be refused,

at the discretion of the Management.

v     Dogs must always be kept on the leash and must be walked outside the Residence for their needs.

Owners must collect the physiological needs of their pets

and make sure they do not disturb the other guests of the Residence.

v     Any damage caused to third parties and to the Residence facilities by the animals

is of complete civil and criminal liability of the owner.

v     It is forbidden to bring animals into the pool area and in the breakfast room.

v     It is not allowed to leave the animals alone inside the apartments.

v     It is the owner’s responsibility to ensure the highest level of hygiene / sanitary standards

during the stay of the animal inside the apartments.

v     An extra of € 20 must be paid for the special cleaning of the apartment and linen.



Failure to comply with the rules above

will result in the immediate departure from the residence